Welcome to the Scientific Meditator

The Scientific Meditator is a blog; a product of about five years of meditation practice and a serious endeavor to understand the fundamental nature of conscious experience - The result of which has been an awesome transformation of self and quality of life. 
Very briefly put, the effect of understanding one's self and experience of life at a deeper level, is freedom.

Aside from this vaguely described (although profound) benefit, there are many other potential benefits associated with seeing clearer the nature of who we are, such as: Increased ability to focus, concentrate and be mindful; increased ability to sense the body, allowing to detect stress and other unhealthy habits/actions as they show up; emotional stability and less likelihood of acting in flushes of anger, fear, lust, etc.; an ability to face difficult emotions with a calm and balanced mind. In general, very positive consequences follow greater insight and the practices that cultivate it.

The Scientific aspect of the site comes from the study of university physics and cognitive neuroscience, in parallel with the spiritual practice. This has greatly affected my approach to gaining understanding of the mind and brain, and ensured a logical and scientific approach to the profound meditative practices, in a world of spirituality that is often heavily dogmatic, religious and unscientific. I have found that the deepest "spiritual truths", are very well in agreement with the deepest truths of modern science, pertaining to the fundamental nature of existence. 

Feel free to contact me on my personal email as I love discussions, being able to help, or simply to have some company on this peculiar and sometimes lonesome path :)

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