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Scientific Meditator

I'm an engineer in physics and nanotechnology from Denmark who was lucky enough to discover how remarkable, transformative and downright awesome insight into the mind and conscious experience can be.

This whole meditation and insight thing all started very quickly for me, coming out of nowhere. Although I always liked to philosophize and had an interest in existence, I knew nothing of this kind of insight. But as I was walking home from school one day when I was on exchange in Japan, I was struck by a new way of observing life: "It all happens inside of me", I thought as I looked around at the skies, the buildings, my hands and my clothes. I started giggling as if this new way of looking had made me high on a drug. This high continued for at least a month and I've been able to access such sober highs hundreds of times since.

Although I started meditating with great curiosity from then on, it would be years before I knew that there actually was a solid method, a body of theory and knowledge: A science of insight. I was happy with my new state of being high on life, but also intrigued that the insight I had realized, was scientifically sound:

You see, we don't hear, taste, smell, see or feel the world as it is, but as how we perceive it consciously. The subtle difference here lies in the fact that our direct perception does not originate directly from worldly phenomena, but from inside of our brains. This is a scientific fact, which is very solidly verified by the field of cognitive neuroscience. Of course our experiences tend to correspond to something which happens in "the real world" a lot of the time. But the thing is, we don't have a direct perception of the world, we have a perception which is mirrored within our skulls.

What happened to me back then, was that I developed an ability to consciously perceive this truth. I therefore learned that that spiritual insight was not about being high on life, nor was it about having faith or belief in something. No, it was about learning to perceive more accurately in ways that are scientifically sound - And when we do, we indeed become intoxicated with a high on life, although we don't cling to it when we experience other mental states. All kinds of other amazing benefits come as well, such as all of our fears and other scary emotions losing much of their power over us.

To conclude this story, the Scientific Meditator was born: A scientist who meditates in order to observe clearer and more accurately how our consciousness actually works - in remarkable correspondence with what we know of nature, and of the mind and brain.

It is my wish that some of the content on this page can intrigue or inspire you, because I know that with this insight comes so many great things.

The Scientific Meditator / Emil CSJ