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The Little Mouse In The Universe

"Where am I?" The mouse asked with a feeble and quiet voice.

The mouse had awoken within a special place called the universe. But it didn't yet know where it was. It was alone. It was afraid. And it was a cute little mouse in the dark and lonely universe.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

From out of the realm, beyond the one of the mouse, a bright light started shining, and a deep and soft voice called upon the mouse.

"Little mouse. You are going to be alright. I will protect you while you find out more about this place, this universe. You are safe. You can relax. You are just the sweetest little mouse."

"Yes, I am sweet", the mouse confirmed with big eyes, slowly nodding her head.

The mouse heard the word universe ring with hollow echoes inside of its soul, calling upon her attention. The mouse thought the word seemed quite familiar. And yet, the mouse was not able to locate the source of its felt curiosity about it. But even though the mouse didn't fully understand what the deep and soft voice meant, the mouse believed the promise of her new found friend. She would be safe. And she thought it seemed interesting to learn more of this so-called universe.

The voice and the light spoke again.

"I shall guide you on an exquisite tour, my dear mouse. You have to do nothing but sit back and relax. You shall do your best to see the places we come to, to understand what they are about. Pay attention to the things you observe there, not what I tell you about them. It is your objective to learn of all the places in the universe and to see its beauty. Not to focus on me and my deep, soft voice."

I wonder what the sweet light said to me, the sweet mouse wondered. She hadn't heard a word spoken to her. She was unable to focus on anything else than the sheer comfort of voice and the light. She could feel the warmth of its light. And the soothing touch of the deep, soft voice. She would like for nothing better than to get carried away on a stunning tour through the beautiful universe, guided by the most comforting deep, soft voice.

The light started moving, taking along with it the mouse and the voice, wrapping her in comfort and light. The mouse cuddled in for the trip, while the voice continued to speak.

"The first part of the universe you shall see, little mouse, is a place called life. What I want you to pay attention to here, is that life is precious and beautiful. You would do well to remember that, and to be able to see it for yourself. Recognize the light and the beauty of life, my sweet little mouse."

The little mouse thought that the voice and the light continued to get softer, and more soothing. And the voice and the light noticed that the little mouse was looking at it with big, round eyes.

"Little mouse, do not get carried away with my light and my voice. Remember, this journey that you are on is about learning, not about cuddling the whole day away!" The voice sounded now a little serious, although still deep and soft.

The feeble mouse flinched at the low rise in volume and seriousness of the voice. It turned her cuddled body around, turning her back on the light now. The voice spoke to her, sounding a little like giving up already. Silly little mouse, the voice and the light thought.

"Little mouse, we are arriving the destination. Life is ahead."

The little mouse felt herself come to life. She felt how she started to sense where she might be. She also realized why she had thought that the word universe sounded so familiar. It was because the universe was where the mouse originally came from! And not just that, earth too was where it came from. It remembered that much.

"Little mouse, we are arriving at the destination. Life is ahead."om past her eyes. Stars.

Far, far away into the darkness between the dots of white light, the mouse noticed another kind of light. A light with much more life to it. And with tint of ocean blue. Ocean. Earth.

The blue light of life came closer and closer. And in the meantime, the zooming white dots of light slowed down their zooming past the eyes of the mouse. They were slowing down now, as they approached the earth.

Very soon they landed on solid ground. The mouse, who up until now had been wrapped in a blanket of comfort and light, felt the light let go of her, placing her on the ground.

They were in the desert. Red-golden mountains lay strewn across the vast and wide landscape, standing out from infinite fields of dry, barren land. The Sun was coming up behind one of the red-golden mountains. The long shadow it cast grew smaller. The Sun shined its light on the ground and on the face of the mouse. But the light had now fully let go of the little mouse, and she did not feel that she was ready for that to happen yet.

"No! I don't want you to go!" The little mouse exclaimed in an unhappy voice.

"Little mouse. Life is here, now. I want you to let go of me for a little while and go look around. Trust me, life can be more warm and comforting than you think."

"Nooo! I just want you!" The mouse continued to complain.

The mouse was very reluctant to try and pay attention to life. Wasn't cuddling with the warm light and soothing voice the best thing it could be doing anyway? No, it wasn't going to pay attention to life just yet. It is way too serious and too boring, the mouse thought to herself.

The voice of the light tried again.

is not something which you can avoid. It is there for you, ready to embrace your existence. But you have to let it work on you. You have to face it and let it do its own thing. Do not try and avoid it, because later on it will only catch up to you and be that much harder. And it will be a lot more difficult to really understand the universe. You have to get in the bath while the water is still warm, little mouse." The light smiled heartedly at the mouse, and the mouse could feel its warmth even though they were now apart.

"Dear little mouse. You have to understand that life is not something which you can avoid. It is there for you, ready to embrace your existence. But you have to let it work on you. You have to face it and let it do its own thing. Do not try and avoid it, because later on it will only catch up to you and be that much harder. And it will be a lot more difficult to really understand the universe. You have to get in the bath while the water is still warm, little mouse." The light smiled heartedly at the mouse, and the mouse could feel its warmth even thought they were now apart.

The mouse still wouldn't listen. It cuddled up a little tighter, almost making a cute little fur-ball. In other words, the voice would have to try and use a new and different strategy to get the mouse to listen.

"Little mouse, know one thing. It is not because I want to force you to do something which you do not want to do. But I simply want you to see life so that we can share the beautiful view of it together. It is absolutely stunning, and it is my greatest treasure, my most beloved blessing. You deserve to experience it with me. You deserve to see the light and feel the warmth inside of yourself. The light and warmth inside of your own life. And when you do, my comfort will not be anything in comparison."

The mouse was touched by the words of the voice and the light. It could tell that the voice and the light meant it. That they loved her. But the mouse couldn't really believe that there was any warmth inside of her own life. She just wanted to be cuddled again.

The voice got a little bit deeper and a little bit softer now. It continued, more gentle than ever.

"But if you don't want to listen to me, little cute mouse. I... guess ... I... would... just... have... to... make... you... SMILE!"

The little mouse started giggling. And she giggled hard! As the voice said the word smile the mouse just couldn't help herself from actually smiling. It was as if the voice had cast a magical spell upon the mouse, one which made it smile wide with its cute little smile.

"Dear little sweet mouse, now that I have made you happy, you have to come fully into life with me."

The mouse stopped smiling, looking a little embarrassed that it had just smiled and giggled so much. She responded with a reserved, cute little voice.

"Ooookaaaayyy, I'll come", the mouse said, trying to look angry again even though she was happy on the inside.

"Good", the voice and the light responded. The voice and the light wasn't fooled for a second by the mouse's act. It knew that she was happy. "Come with me, then."

The voice and the light started moving towards the red-golden mountain which had revealed the Sun to them earlier. It was broad daylight now and the mouse and the voice and the light ran together across the barren land.

As they got to the foot of the mountain, the mouse could see how tall that thing really was. An almost completely vertical wall bend over them, looking down upon them with a mean mighty glare. I hope we are not going up there, the mouse thought. I am afraid of heights! But up the mountain was exactly where they were going.

"This climb will be difficult and uncomfortable, little mouse. But the view that you will see from up there is a princess worthy. A mouse-princess, in fact." The light winked its left eye at the mouse. This made her smile again.

And so the little mouse and the voice and the light climbed together. The voice spoke soothing and encouraging words to the little mouse at every opportunity along the way. And the mouse worked hard and tried not to get mad. She believed, deep in her heart, that the view from up there would in fact be wonderful. And so they climbed. And they climbed and they climbed.

After a long time, the mouse and the voice and the light were finally near the top. The mouse was so tired that it almost wanted to give up. She wondered if the light would catch her if she fell. She felt sure it would.

"Come on mouse! Just a little further. I believe in you. I love you. Please take the final steps."

The mouse felt the last of her energy go into taking the last steps, and soon she was met with a view which made her forget all about the struggles of getting there.

The eyes of the mouse flooded with tears. Her heart was exploding with love and gratitude and appreciation. Her chest felt as if it contained an atomic bomb, radiating love and light in all directions.

"Come sit with me, little mouse. Let's enjoy this view for a little while."

The mouse walked with weak, shaky knees to sit down with the voice and the light. She kept her teary eyes focused on the view the entire time.

"Tell me now, little mouse. Isn't this view what you deserve? Is it not a mouse-princess worthy?"

The little mouse simply nodded her head slowly, unable to take her eyes away for even a second. The little mouse thought that this view was worthy of any kind of princess.

"Tell me what you see, little mouse."

The mouse started speaking with a voice more feeble, quieter and cuter than ever.

"I see so many things. I see light everywhere. In the trees. Bushes. Animals. Humans. Dogs! I see...that they all have a light inside of them?"

"Mmmh, I see that too, mouse."

"I can see everything from up here! All of the universe. It's all so bright, so beautiful. It's almost as if the universe is one big, bright light. And it's just playing with itself. Showing some of its light somewhere, and then somewhere else. It's moving in the most amazing patterns. Kissing itself. Dancing with itself. But it never shows off all of the light in one place. It splits it up into many smaller lights. So that each little light can have comforting friends."

The voice and the light spoke now. But this time it sounded different. As if the voice came from inside the mouse's own head.

"You're such a good little mouse. You see clearly. And you see now that we all are just one. You do not have to be afraid to be without me, little mouse. I will always be somewhere in your universe. In your heart. In your love. I'm with you every second, always. I am you."

The mouse could feel how the light had really just been her own, all along. She had heard the voice of her own soul speak to her. And the reason she couldn't always hear it, was because she felt afraid and alone. But the light was hers, and the voice too. And the light of the entire universe, she could see now, was her own light as well.

The mouse relaxed. She felt she had discovered home. And not only did she still have the voice and the light, she had the entire universe and all the love it possessed. The hard and troublesome way up the mountain seemed like a distant dream now. She felt she could climb any mountain now. She knew that she was life. She was love. And she would never be alone.

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